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backup: Lisa message 1/17/06
Posted by: admin on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 10:24 AM
General news #1 SINGLE PREMIERES ON E! ON JANUARY 22, 2006 at 10:00pm

This is a special edition of the Lisa Loeb newsletter, to celebrate the Premiere of Lisa's new show #1 Single on January 22. We have information about airdates, TV and press appearances and a chance to win one of 20 signed Lisa Loeb CDs and other Lisa goodies.

#1 Single Air Dates
Sundays, 10pm, on E!

Episode #1- 22 January
Episode #2- 29 January
Episode #3- 5 February
Episode #4- 12 February
Episode #5 - 19 February
Episode #6 - 26 February
Episode #7 - 12 March
Episode #8 - 19 March

Don't forget to check your local listings to see when #1 Single is on in your area. This applies to US viewers only at this stage, but International fans should contact E! here and request it.

If you like the show and would like to show your support, contact E! and let them know by writing to them, phoning or faxing:

5750 Wilshire Blvd
LA CA 90036
ph # 323 954 2400
fax 323 954 2660

Or click HERE to contact E! via the web.

Also, don't forget to log in to Lisa's fan forum and discuss the new song, the new show, or whatever else takes your fancy with all her lovely fans!

#1 Single site now Live on eonline.com

You can now visit the official website for #1 Single on eonline HERE.

Register at the website HERE for your chance to win an autographed copy of
The Very Best of Lisa Loeb.

Help Promote the Show and the New Album
Win some cool Lisa prizes!

Help to promote #1 Single and The Very Best of Lisa Loeb by posting banners on your website, or in your signatures. We have uploaded banners, photos, advertisements, graphics and video promos that fans can include in their promotions.

Help spread the word about #1 Single and The Very Best of Lisa Loeb by using the publicity kit on lisaloeb.com.

Email us and show us what you have done - be it on your website, via email, on a forum. Use your imagination!

The most creative entries will win autographed Lisa Loeb merchandise.

NB. Please note that this does not include spam - we want you to be as creative as possible without spamming people.

For more details on the competition, click HERE.

Get the publicity kit here

The Very Best of Lisa Loeb
In Stores January 24

Don't forget to pick up your copy of The Very Best of Lisa Loeb, in stores on January 24.
And a special offer for those of you who buy your albums online:

If you buy the album on iTunes in the first 90 days of release - you get a free copy of the video of "Stay (I Missed You")

Click here to download iTunes
Click here to order the CD from Amazon.com

Lisa's TV Appearances

Lisa will be appearing live on these TV stations on Thursday January 19:

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backup: Lisa news letter 1/9/2006
Posted by: admin on Monday, January 09, 2006 - 09:13 AM
General news

Greetings Lisa Fans!
In this issue we have more information about #1 Single and The Very Best of Lisa Loeb, a special sneak preview of Single Me Out (Theme from #1 Single), some new TV Appearances and some information on how you can win some fabulous autographed Lisa items!

For those that tried to purchase the The Way It Really Is songbook via the last newsletter, you can try again HERE. The link was incorrect and we apologise for any inconvenience.

A note from Lisa:

The New Year is here once again. Time to think about moving forward. Time to think about how many chocolate covered marshmallow caramel candies you ate this year and how many you plan to eat in the next. Which books might you read? What language will you learn? Okay, if not an entire language, how about a couple of words in Japanese?

I'm looking forward to a year filled with love, friends, family, adventure, and imagination- even if sometimes I'm imagining that I'm home watching a DVD with my cats and not sitting at the airport drinking a tall skim misto with an extra shot of espresso doing the crossword.

Watch out for a couple of things coming up early this year:

#1 Single premieres on E!. It's not your ordinary Reality Show, don't judge it until you watch it.

My sister Debbie is one of the main "characters" appearing on my show. Check out two different versions of her fantastic song "Faraway" on her MySpace page. Debbie Loeb is her name, she's been writing songs and making music for years, and finally here's the excellent proof! Join up as her friend. Find her at debbieloeb.com or on myspace.com/debbieloeb.

"The Very Best of Lisa Loeb"- It's a collection of songs with the addition of "Single Me Out," the theme song (a real song that rocks- think "Welcome Back" from Welcome Back Kotter, or "Rock Around the Clock" from Happy Days). This might not be the exact list of songs that I'd pick as my all time favorites, but think about how tough it is to whittle 5 or 6 albums down to one!!

I'll tour a bit towards the beginning of the year, but I also need to spend some time in one place (at least mentally) to finish a new album.

Here's a little tidbit from me about Here's a little tidbit from me about recovering from eating all of that entire gingerbread house: don't worry, just get back on track and eat lots of steamed vegetables along the way.

If you do want a treat, here's another tip- take a piece of tin foil. Fold it up to make a little box/pan- like a shoe box top. Then line up a bunch of marshmallows- in one layer. (This works best in a toaster oven with a little window, but you can put this in your oven if you keep a good eye on it.) Toast those marshmallows until the tops are perfectly browned. Then take them out while still hot and either add Hershey's chocolate and dip with graham crackers, or mix your favorite cereal in with the marshmallows to make your own "Crispie Treat", or just eat the marshmallows with a spoon. You can use your fingers, but watch out- they're especially hot when they come right out of the oven (You know, like raisins in toast or the zipper on your jacket when you take it out of the dryer.).

The marshmallows will be very sticky, and the cereal won't mix in completely, but your tastebuds will get the idea, and the flavor will be more toasty than your average crispy treat.

One more thing- I don't want this to start feeling long, like the speech Linus gives at the Christmas pageant in the Peanuts Special, and I'm sure you can find the complete version of this story, with multiple interpretations on a really good website, like Chabad.org, but when Chanukkah comes around each year, and we're lighting the candles each night for eight nights, I always think about hope. It's said that after the destruction of the temple there was only enough oil to burn for one night, but miraculously the oil lasted for eight days. To me this represents the idea that there is always hope- even when you think there's no hope left.

I hope you can keep this in mind when you're feeling down, which we all do sometimes in life. It's so overwhelming, especially during the end-of-the-year holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate. Not only is there a little hope, but there's always more, and more. Let this hope raise us up each day from our beds, enjoy our lives, love, and help us to sleep each night.

Luv, Lisa

The Very Best of Lisa Loeb
In Stores January 26!

Lisa has compiled a new "Best of" Album to coincide with the premiere of #1 Single. It includes the theme song "Single Me Out".
Here is the full press release:


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backup: Lisa's note to fans Dec 2005
Posted by: admin on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - 06:35 AM
General news Lisa note to fans

Greetings Lisa Fans!

In this issue, we have a special Holiday message from Lisa, Lisa's suggestions for the perfect holiday gift, a great recipe for brownies and a special announcement regarding Lisa's new show on E! Networks.
Don't forget to visit lisaloeb.com for all the latest news and tour updates. Also check out the updated FAQ section where Lisa answers some of your questions!

Also, if you haven't already, check out Lisa's contributions to the Shania Twain and Cher Tribute albums (available on Cleopatra Records) and her appearance on the Colbert Report on 20 October. These are part of the new content that is available exclusively on lisaloeb.com.

Lisa's Holiday Message

Hello Everyone! I know I'm late with the holiday greetings. After a recent visit to the mall in El Paso, it seems I should have sent this out a week before Halloween along with a string of Christmas lights and Hanukkah gelt...
I hope everyone's doing well. As you've probably read somewhere, I've been living in New York City, writing songs for a new album and working on a new "real-life based" show called "#1 Single" for E! Television. Lots of dates, lots of conversations with my friends and family, and of course food.

Juan Pati

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backup: Lisa Loeb October Newsletter
Posted by: admin on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 06:48 AM
General news Lisa Loeb October Newsletter

Greetings Lisa Fans!

There have been a few exciting changes on lisaloeb.com recently! We have exclusive clips of Lisa's contributions to the Cher and Shania Twain Tribute Albums, full episodes of the Food Network Show, Dweezil and Lisa, and some music videos. So head on over to www.lisaloeb.com to check it out!
Also, head over and sign up to Lisa's fan forum, where you can discuss Lisa's music with other fans, request songs at shows, and ask Lisa questions. Lisa does read the forum, and even posts from time to time, so head on over and join us there!

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backup: Lisa Loeb explains Cover of "Don't Be Stupid"
Posted by: Lightning on Thursday, October 06, 2005 - 04:07 PM
General news

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Gary set up a myspace.com page for me, and I've been visiting there a little bit- you guys should check it out. It's really easy for me to post photos, so sometimes I post a pic here or there and answer e-mails.
I'm here too! I noticed that the Shania Twain cover was posted on this site. Let me explain- I did a cover of Ozzy Ozbourne's song "Goodbye to Romance" with Dweezil a few years ago, which was totally cool- I played with other top studio musicians, and did a song that I wouldn't normally record. When the same company called to see if I'd do a cover of Shania Twain, at first I said no- I think she's got a great voice and she's very cute and pretty (not to sound like a 12 year-old girl), but it's not really my style, and I don't really even understand the songs- except that one ballad she did... The song structure is strange, there's always strange talking breaks in the songs- I just don't get them. Then I decided, okay, now I have to do the song cover- it's just so strange all the way around, and I'll have fun, and hang out in the studio with my musician friends, including Jeff "skunk" Baxter, of Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan fame. What's cooler than that? He told stories of playing in Greenwich Village in the 60's and Jimi Hendrix, and even showed me how to hold a gun... He's an honorary member of the police force..

Note: Tea is the new webmaster over at Lisa Loeb.com in case you were wondering
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backup: Lisa after tawian concert
Posted by: Lightning on Friday, August 05, 2005 - 01:38 PM
General news Hey you guys. I'm back in NYC, actually sitting in a cafe with my computer on the upper east side, hopefully not bothering anyone. I'm totally jetlagged, just had my double cappuccino and breakfast, and wanted to check in before I go for a walk in Central Park.
Fuji Rock Fest was excellent! After a couple of duo shows that I did with Matt Beck- a couple at a theater in Bay Shore, NY, and one at an outdoor festival in Exton, Pennsylvania- lots of families in attendance- interesting show featuring acoustic songs, rock, and some kids' songs- someone gave me a strawberry shortcake as a gift, and the organic farmers gifted me with the sweetest tomatoes ever!

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backup: Newsletter 03/05/05
Posted by: admin on Sunday, March 06, 2005 - 12:01 PM
General news Lisa Loeb Newsletter

Greetings Lisa Fans!
Here's the latest:
Did you see Lisa in Entertainment Weekly this week (issue # 808) February 25, 2005, the story's entitled, "Grammy Fiesta" and it is on page 59?

Watch for Lisa THIS WEEKEND (March 5 & 6) on the TV program EXTRA. They are featuring Lisa in a story about her new CD, "The Way It Really Is' as well as her children's CD, "Catch The Moon"

Upcoming Lisa Loeb Shows
Check it out!!

LOS ANGELES, CA March 21st - at Cinegrill at The Hollywood Roosevelt (7000 Hollywood Blvd) 8pm. Tickets are $15.00 Order tickets at songwritersstudio@msn.com or (323) 882- 1415. This show is part of the Songwriters Studio Series. The show's format flows effortlessly between live performance and an on-stage interview, spanning the guest songwriter's career up to this point, weaving throughout their music, personal insights, anecdotes and inspirations...Come hear Lisa sing and chat about songwriting.
"A cool songwriters-version of 'Inside the Actors Studio', that gets to the heart of the inspiration and enlightening stories behind a hit song" -Jeffrey Steele, BMI Country Songwriter of the Year

March 26th - appearing as part of Greg Behrendt's Bring the Rock. This is a classic monthly show at Largo (432 N Fairfax) and tickets always sell out in advance - call and reserve your table now. 323 852 1073 http://www.largo-la.com

March 29th appearing as part of Johnny Fayva's variety show 'Below The Belt'., 9:30 at El Cid (4212 sunset blvd) It's not a huge venue so the tables sell out fast. Call 323 668- 0318 there is standing room if you don't book a table.

April 19th Lisa will be in Dallas and singing the National Anthem at the Dallas Mavericks Game.

New tour dates for April (more details coming shortly)

April 7 Minneapolis, MN

April 8 Chicago, IL

April 10 Milwaukee, WI

April 13 Pittsburgh, PA

April 14 Buffalo, NY

April 15 New Brunswick, NJ (Rutgers Students only)

We are about to finalize some European dates for May, so stay tuned FOR DETAILS. Check out www.lisaloeb.com for further information.

email: webmaster@lisaloeb.com
web: http://lisaloeb.com

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backup: Newsletter
Posted by: admin on Wednesday, February 09, 2005 - 09:59 PM
General news Lisa Loeb Newsletter

Greetings Lisa Fans!
Did you catch Lisa on EXTRA this weekend doing some co-hosting with Michael Goldfine? A story on Lisa will be running on EXTRA in the next few weeks. Stay tuned here for more information.
CHECK OUT THE MERCH SECTION AT www.lisaloeb.com - This just in - LIMITED EDITION LISA LOEB 2005 CALENDARS are now in stock and being sold at a reduced price - check it out! New tee shirts will be up on the site in the next week.

Tsunami Relief Benefit

Feb 20, 2005 - Lisa will be in San Jose at a Tsunami Relief benefit. Deepak Chopra, will open the event and lead a non-denominational prayer. The money raised from the benefit will be donated directly to existing organizations that are already doing work in the region - eg. UNICEF, Save the Children, Red Crescent, the Red Cross. The benefit will take place at the HP Pavilion in downtown San Jose, more details to follow soon.

Grey's Anatomy
Featuring Lisa Loeb Song!

March 6th - Listen for Lisa's song, "Fools Like Me" featured on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy"

Upcoming Lisa Loeb Shows
Check it out!!

Feb 27 Albany, NY The Egg Center for Performing Arts www.theegg.org
Mar 01 Burlington, VT Higher Grounds www.highergroundmusic.com

Mar 02 Northampton, MA Iron Horse www.iheg.com

Mar 04 Bloomfield, NJ 12 Miles West Theater www.12mileswest.org

Mar 05 Bryn Mawr, PA The Point www.atthepoint.com

Mar 06 Sellersville, PA Sellersville Theater www.st94.com

Mar 08 Annapolis, MD Ram's Head Tavern www.ramsheadtavern.com

Mar 09 Washington DC The Barns at Wolf Trap www.wolftrap.org

April 15 New Brunswick, NJ Rutgers University

As always, there are more concerts being booked as we speak and even some dates coming up in Europe and the UK in May! Check out www.lisaloeb.com for further information.

Listen for Lisa's music on TV. You can hear "Try" in Summerland this season as well as on Summerland soundtrack which will be released March 22. You can hear "I Control the Sun" on Charmed and you can hear "Fools Like Me" on Grey's Anatomy on March 6.

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backup: jan 2005 note from Lisa
Posted by: admin on Thursday, January 27, 2005 - 04:37 PM
General news Hey! I'm here in Maui for a couple of days off before I return to Los Angeles and then NYC for the Lincoln Center show. I love playing in Hawaii- two sold out shows!! Right off the plane from Japan, I had a chance to visit with Hudson and Scotty B. at the Star 101.9 radio station, play muisc, answer questions, and speak to a chapel full of students and teachers at Iolani, an arts school later that afternoon (with a manicure break at an Aveda Spa between the two just to keep myself awake, and well-groomed, of course). The next day I did an appearance at the Sanrio store at the Ala Moana Mall with Hudson- complete with a Lisa Loeb lookalike contest- strange and funny having a radio station put together a lookalike contest of yourself... The Honolulu concert venue was a huge Tiki-style Bottom Line-like place- fans singing along, lots of requests. My friend, and well known Hawaiian Musician, Owana Salazar, a slack-key player (traditional style of Hawaiian guitar playing with open tunings) played a couple of songs during my set with Matt on Slide guitar.

The next morning before we left for Maui, a friend brought us one of my favorite things to eat in Hawaii- Malasadas- Fried Portuguese bread/donuts powdered with granulated sugar. We also tried an assortment of alternate flavors- cinnamon powdered, vanilla custard filled, chocolate custard, and Haupia (coconut custard), and guava custard. One of my goals on this particular trip was to try everything, and at the same time, not overeat like it's Thanksgiving every single day- hard to do when you have so many awesome food opportunities... So, in honor of that goal, I attacked the Malasadas with a knife, tasting small hunks of donut instead of eating 6 huge balls of friend dough. Haha, I mean "fried" not "friend" dough. (By the way, for those of you interested, I also walk a lot and also do weight training sessions twice a week on my own. It takes some work to get balanced...)
Back to the music. So we traveled to the McCoy Theater in Maui to do a show with Gail Swanson, a singer/songwriter opening. Pat Simmons, a key member of the Doobie Brothers, played guitar with her. Pretty cool!!
Now i'm taking a few days off to enjoy Hawaii. Another time I'll tell you all about the incredible Vegan dinner I had here last night.
See you back on the mainland. Luv, Lisa

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