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Loeb Lover a site for Lisa Loeb fans FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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I love Lisa

The glasses that Lisa is wearing on the cover of Cake and Pie are vintage frames that she found at a flea market in New York City. Normally she finds cat eyed glasses and other frames at stores around the U.S. She has green octagonal glasses, Square wire glasses with red lenses, and black heavy frames from a vintage store in Austin. She used to wear tortoise shell glasses made by Moda. This model is now discontinued. Just recently she bought three pairs of glasses at Oliver Peoples in Los Angeles. Your best bet is just to look around. Maybe you'll run into Lisa at a store in your town.

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What are the Liz & Lisa tapes?, where can I find them?

The Liz and Lisa tapes, "Liz and Lisa" and "Days were Different" were two cassette only releases Lisa recorded with Liz Mitchell while in college. While a few songs from the tapes have been re-recorded and re-released on other Lisa Loeb albums (check out the discography section on lisaloeb.com for details) these tapes are out of print and are no longer available commercially. Unless you get really lucky or someone puts one up on Ebay you

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What about the Purple Tape? Isn

The "Purple Tape" was Lisa

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I want to book Lisa to play a show, who do I talk to?

Lisa is represented by the Creative Artists Agency. You can reach them at (310) 288-4545.

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Does Lisa have a fan mail address?

You can send mail to:

Lisa Loeb Fan Club
11054 Ventura Blvd, #381
Studio City, CA 91604

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There's a bug on the website, I'd like to tell someone about it.

Email us at webmaster@lisaloeb.com and we'll be your new best friend.

For bugs on LisaLoeb.us e-mail ninjaclub@timewarped.com

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No really, pick one: Cake, or Pie?

Both, Cake And Pie

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I just got Hello Lisa and I noticed that the album is very similiar to Cake & Pie, whats the deal?

Check out this note from Lisa that was sent out the her mailing list in which she tells the story behind Hello Lisa

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I want a Lisa Loeb autograph! How can I get one?

Unfortunately due to the number of requests we get we cannot fulfill individual requests for autographs. Lisa tries to visit as much of the world as possible and make as many appearances as she can. She is usually more than happy to accommodate autograph requests at in-person appearances whenever possible. To see where Lisa may be appearing in your area check out the tour page for all the latest updates.

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