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Help for pn_bbcode version 1.21

It's ust a simple Hook for integration of BBCode.
Written for the pnforum but might be used everywhere ;)

You can secure eternal links and email addresses with the permission system.

unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:pnForum:Links | .* | none
unreg. users (group) | pn_bbcode:pnForum:Emails | .* | none

forbids unregistered users to see links that do not point to your own site
and all email adresses.

You need the Read permission to see the link/email, otherwise the urls are
changed to point to your user.php


dumbusersgroup | pn_bbcode:pnForum:Links| .* | none
dumbusersgroup | pn_bbcode:pagesetter:Emails| .* | none

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